Using Chalk & Lime Paint – Benefits of Autentico

Chalk paint has been around for many years, but only in recent years has become much more popular.

There are many different products on the market, though the main ones you’ve probably come across are Annie Sloan & Autentico.

Annie Sloan is a very good product, though in my experience i would say Autentico Paints definitely have the edge.

Autentico has a colour range of 18,076 colours, 140 of which have been commercialized on their colour charts.!colours

Autentico do not add PVA derivatives to their paints and they only use water-based colorants.

I have worked with both Annie Sloan and Autentico mainly for furniture and Kitchen painting.

As a professional a find Autentico to be a much more durable and long lasting finish.

For painting kitchens and tabletops, standard decorative chalk paint does not deliver the features you need.

Autentico has a Velvet chalk paint suitable for this purpose. They have added zinc oxide to Velvet making is less porous and leaving a more durable finish. Especially when protected with Autentico sealer, Velvet is superb to use without losing the typical chalky finish.

Autentico Vintage chalk paint was especially developed using old recipes and only natural ingredients.

This paint is ideal for painting furniture with out too much preparation. Autentico Vintage Paint creates an excellent shabby chic distressed look.

Autentico Venice is a pure lime paint.

Lime Paint contains alkali so it is important to protect your hands when working with this paint.

As a specialist decorator this is one of my favourites for creating a soft textured finish with depth for simply stunning results

Lime paint needs a mineral subsurface for full functionality.

So on existing mineral surfaces like unpainted plaster, bricks and concrete, lime paint can be applied without the need to prime.On furniture primer coat will need to be applied first.

On walls Autentico Venice needs to be applied with a longhaired wide lime brush. This helps to achieve the typical lime paint finish.

On furniture you want to use a normal but long haired brush.

Painted Wardrobe in “White Cliff”. Just some of the many colours available from Autentico

Lime paint Autentico Venice can be finished with their special or their range of waxes or sealer to achieve the most beautiful results !

You can go to classes and learn more about this fantastic paint, which i would highly recommend for beginners or those who want to learn more.!exciting-painting-lessons-!

There’s also some great tips on their website at under the Lets Paint Section
Lime Wash paint on walls

So if you love Autentico but don’t want to do it yourself and you are looking for a painter and decorator in Bath, Bristol or the South West. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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