Wood Graining

Dollarphotoclub_6391983Wood graining is the practice of imitating wood grain on a surface in order to increase that surface’s aesthetic appeal.

Graining was common in the 19th century, as people were keen on imitating hard, expensive woods by applying a superficial layer of paint onto soft, inexpensive woods.

Wood graining can be accomplished using a range of highly specialized graining tools.

We use a specialized thick brush for graining called a mottler.


The process is carried out in layers, with the first layer being a base, and then a second layer applied later. Any type of wood can be recreated using this technique, and we are

always happy to provide sample boards before starting a project.

This is the perfect way to transform your home or business with rich colours of wood graining.

Wood graining is an excellent way to tie in new pieces of wood with exsisting old pieces.

You can really add character and the finish is very realistic.

With the contemporary renaissance of decorative art and paint effects, we can make whole decors in faux marquetry to coexists with existing furnishings in perfect harmony with contemporary interiors.