Spray Paint Application

Painter with airbrush gun and white magical smokeAirless spraying is the ideal option for projects with large areas or intricate ornate work.

Large areas such as exteriors, new builds or newly plastered surfaces can be painted much faster by spraying saving time and money.

Rooms can be fully decorated within one day, the drying is very quick as is starts to dry within minutes of leaving the spray gun.

The finish of the paint is faultless, there are no roller or brush marks.

When used on exterior render, the paint is forced into all the very small holes, in turn giving much better protection and a better finish.

We can also spray furniture, kitchens, and fibrous plaster mouldings.

We have a spray paint booth in our work shop where we can spray various lacquers that would otherwise be difficult to set up on site.

If your not sure if spray painting is the right choice for you, we are more than happy to come and assess the job and talk through the process.