Gilding is an art that has been practiced since the earliest civilizations.

Gold is valued both for its natural beauty and because it can be fashioned into most intricate and satisfying shapes and preserves for centuries it's luster and colour. It's high melting point and malleability mean that it can be worked and beaten microscopically thin, so thin that it can be used to adorn, encase or cover an object, giving it the appearance of solid gold.

There are two main types of gilding: oil, and water gilding.

The names indicate the method by which the metal leaf is applied to the surface. Oil gilding is the cheaper and easier method for applying gold leaf. The advantage of oil gilding is that it can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface, so a piece of furniture, or a frame, only needs to be painted beforehand. The disadvantage is that it cannot be polished.

Traditional water gilding is more expensive in labour, but creates a beautiful finish.

We gild in real and imitation leaf depending on our clients budget. As well as the traditional gold; silver, platinum, palladium, copper, aluminum and brass are also available.

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