Faux Stone Blocking

Empty old interiorThis paint effect is called Faux Stone Blocking.

Faux Stone Blocking is a trompe l'oeil technique that gives the painted surface the look of a real stone wall.

Stone blocking finishes can be painted to mimic any style of stone.

Each stone block is painted uniquely to give a realistic effect. All the small characteristics of the stone are hand painted on afterwards to imitate a natural look, highlighting individual features of stones and their mortar lines.

We can recreate any stone blocking paint finish, which we apply directly on the surface.

We layer on glazes and can also use sand or ground stone to texture the finish for an even more realistic effect.

Painting stone blocks give a superb look. It is a timeless decorative technique and is used to create a beautiful illusion, a talking point of any room.

Imitation Stone is used in many different ways in decorative painting.

  • Freestone is traditionally used for foyers, stairwells, halls, stately living rooms, ceilings, vaults and large fireplaces.
  • Ashlar & Rubble Masonry with elements of various shapes and colours are generally used for rustic style rooms, interiors of country homes, low dividing walls and mouldings.
  • Stonework is used for frescos, panoramas, scenic design and architectural structures.

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Gainsbourough stone blocking
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